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  • Executive Board
  • Workplace Council
  • Standing & Special Committees
  • External Representation

Executive Board

Duties of officers are specified in the bylaws, the collective bargaining agreement, and the UAW Constitution.

Workplace Council

Together, the Stewards Council and the Executive Council comprise the Workplace Council, which meets in any month when the membership does not gather for a legislative meeting under the bylaws. The Stewards Council comprises all active stewards and alternate stewards, and meets as a Council or as the Grievances Committee to coordinate the handling of grievances. Note: All active members in good standing of the executive board are tasked with grievance handling authority in the absence of other available stewards.

  • Senior Steward: Terry Delprato, Student Health Services, 881 Commonwealth Ave
  • Stewards: Sam Greives, Emma Roth, Emmy Cazzani
  • Chair for Grievances Handling: Zachary Bos

Standing and Special Committees

All members in good standing are encouraged to serve on committees, and to self-nominate to serve as chairs. To inquire about openings on a committee, or to request copies of past committee reports, email the Local office.

  • Constitution & By-Laws Committee: Alison Parker (chair), Zachary Bos, Emma Roth
  • Organizing & Education Committee: Andew Engel (chair for Education), chair for Organizing (vacant)
  • Joint Labor-Management Committee: Zachary Bos (chair), Shandell Campbell, Cathy Kupa, Richard Larkin, Emma Roth
  • Social & Service Committee: Matthew Dineen, Zachary Bos, Andrew Engel, Jesus Maclean, chair for Community Service (vacant), chair for Mutual Aid (vacant), chair for Conservation & Recreation (vacant)
  • Communications Committee: Zachary Bos (chair), Shandell Campbell and Emma Roth
  • Housing Committee: Shandell Campbell (chair for Residential Security), chair for Residence Life (vacant), chair for Mail Services (vacant)

The following committees are on hiatus but can be restarted when needed or upon member interest:

  • Elections Committee: inactive until November 2023
  • Bargaining Committee: inactive until January 2024
  • Citizenship & Legislative Committee: chair (vacant)
  • Labor Economics Committee: chair for Consumer Affairs (vacant), chair for Union Label (vacant)
  • Equity & Representation Committee: chair for Civil & Human Rights (vacant), chair for Veterans (vacant) and chair for Women's (vacant)
  • Health & Safety Committee: chair (vacant)

External Representation

The members of Local 2324 are represented at several external bodies as follows:

  • Greater Boston Labor Council: Zachary Bos (delegate)
  • Massachusetts CAP Council: Zachary Bos (delegate)
  • Region 9A Civil & Human Rights Council: Jesus Maclean (delegate)

International Representatives

  • Gordon Deane (current)
  • Sebastián Vivancos (current)
  • Andrea Goodrich (former)

Local Office: 107 Brighton Avenue, Suite 106
Boston, Massachusetts 02134
Phone: 617-262-6333
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